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Mochi Hanfu (Chuyan) based in Ohio, USA - Hanfu Chinese Cultural Lead

Hanfu Chinese Cultural Lead

Mochi Hanfu (Chuyan) based in Ohio, USA - Hanfu Chinese Cultural Lead

As the face and voice behind Mochi Hanfu, ChuYan Wang is one of TikTok's most popular "hanfluencers". Although she lives in Ohio, in the USA, she has always been interested in traditional Asian clothing. Her connection to her Han Chinese roots solidified when she discovered the immense scope of Hanfu dress and this led to the creation of a social media platform where she educates her followers on the intricacies of Hanfu clothing, make-up trends and hair styling. She feels that her mission is two-fold.

On the one hand, she is thrilled to connect the Asian and Chinese diaspora with visual representations of their cultural heritage. But she also wants to spread a more positive image of China and the rich history of its fashion trends over many centuries. ChuYan finds great confidence in embracing her Hanfu heritage and its history inspires her.

For her TikTok channel, she puts together her breathtaking ensembles with an eye for detail and deceptive ease of application. She is a wizard with her make-up brush, adding little details such as East Asian YeDian with an enviably deft hand. She loves recreating living replicas of ancient images and truly warms to her subject, when discussing the history and evolution of Hanfu.

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