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Cultural Lead Vacancies

Join Cultural Fashion & Arts CIC as a Cultural Lead and contribute to crafting immersive experiences and resources that celebrate cultural diversity through the realms of fashion and art!

About us

We provide cultural workshops, film screenings, fashion exhibitions, cultural art displays, and customised creative initiatives that help celebrate, educate, and bring diverse communities together. Additionally, we proudly serve as the official community event delivery partner for Cultural Style Week, an annual global event promoting the celebration of cultural heritage through the mediums of fashion, hair, and beauty.


Embarking on a period of substantial expansion, we are actively searching for vibrant individuals to step into our Cultural Lead roles.

Your Impact

In your role as a Cultural Lead, you will play a fundamental part in shaping our cultural initiatives and project timeline, guiding us toward the delivery of enriching cultural experiences and resources.


You will be deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, actively exploring innovative and imaginative ways to celebrate, educate, and unify communities. You will act as a cultural lead for your country of origin and help us ensure that projects and activities are well-informed and culturally appropriate. 


Key Responsibilities of a Cultural Lead


  • Cultural Representation: Embrace and celebrate your unique cultural heritage, acting as a Cultural Lead to facilitate connections and understanding among diverse communities. 

  • Cultural Event Development: Collaborate with us to craft culturally relevant and inclusive events and experiences, ensuring authenticity and respect for traditions while promoting cross-cultural unity. 

  • Community Engagement: Serve as a bridge, connecting us with your community to foster meaningful relationships and encourage cultural exchange, nurturing unity and mutual appreciation among participants. 

  • Cultural Awareness: Promote cultural awareness by sharing the richness of your heritage with a broader audience, enhancing understanding, and celebrating the diversity of cultures. 

  • Cultural Education: Contribute to educational resources that enlighten others about various cultural traditions, histories, and customs, nurturing cross-cultural understanding and appreciation for global diversity.


Please note that we do not pay Cultural Leads as these are volunteer positions. We will also seek to provide payment for any consultancy time, and, or speaker fees for (where possible).

Please click here to apply.

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