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Projects & Resources

Current projects and resources are listed on this page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch. We can deliver bespoke projects in partnership with local community groups, schools and businesses including themed, representative and inclusive, cultural fashion shows, pop-up marketplaces, talks, screenings, art exhibitions and so much more. 

The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style 

Jennifer Laurent-Smart Cultural Style Week Cultural Fashion & Arts CIC

'The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style' docu-film provides an explorative look into Creole Caribbean cultural wear and explores the Dominican heritage of British-born Madras enthusiast turned designer, Jennifer Laurent-Smart. Joined by additional interviewees, Jennifer also shares her views on the origin of Creole Caribbean traditional Madras clothing, its links to India, Africa, slavery and its use today, making this a celebratory and educational media resource for all. 

My Cultural Style Fashion Show & Workshops 

DOTS 2022 CSW.png

‘My Cultural Style’ projects are vibrant fashion showcases and celebrations of cultural style. We work with community members and/or cultural designers to create visually engaging learning experiences.​ At Diwali on the Square, we shone our own little light on cultural style.  What can we do for you? 

Cultural Leads


Our cultural leads act as guides in exploring what makes their culture unique. They share a deep knowledge of the history and symbolism of their culture and they wear their cultural style with enthusiasm and pride. Our cultural guides help us to engage communities by devising culturally relevant events - talks, workshops and presentations.

Cultural Fashion & Art Talks & Presentations 


We welcome the opportunity to work with your brand, your company or your community to devise bespoke and engaging talks and workshops connected to cultural fashion and arts. 

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