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The Story Behind My Caribbean
Cultural Style

'The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style' docu-film narrated by Caribbean Cultural Lead Jennifer Laurent-Smart, is a wonderful exploration of her love of Creole Caribbean clothing made with Madras fabrics. In the docu-film, Jennifer provides insight into the story behind her Caribbean heritage and how she expresses it through fashion.


Jennifer is also joined by additional interviewees of Creole Caribbean heritage across generations who share some of their touching and insightful personal stories and views on the connection between cultural fashion and their identity. Interviewees include Adanaya Omari-Hakim, Arthur Laurent, Esther Fadelle Morris of the Waitikubuli Culture and Tourist Initiative, Marcus Monrose, Alisha Laurent-Smart, Germaine Conteh, Sylvester Defoe and Camille Martialfrom United Kreyol Mas carnival band.

Featuring archive content, the documentary also explores the origin of Creole Caribbean traditional Madras clothing, its links to India, Africa, slavery and its use today. 

Duration: 23 minutes 

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Premiere Highlights 

On Thursday 27 October 2022, the Black History Month London premiere screening event for 'The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style' docu-film took place at Cineworld, O2, Greenwich. The sold-out event was a huge success with positive reviews from the audience. See the highlight video below.

Premiere Q&A Event

‘The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style’ premiere screening event also featured a post-screening Q&A event hosted by Jacqueline Shepherd, the BBC talk show host of the popular radio programme ‘The Scene’, which uncovers London’s diverse culture and emerging talent. Panel members included the docu-films director Candy-Ellie Graham, docu-film star Jennifer-Laurent Smart and Dr Adom Philogene Heron PhD hosted by Jaqueline Shepherd. Chair of the Society for Caribbean Studies and Caribbean historian Dr Kesewa John PhD, was unable to attend but shared her thoughts on the film.


"The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style is a welcome popular entrant to Caribbean cultural history. It engulfed me with a profound nostalgia for Martinique and Guadeloupe, where it is embraced as national dress, and for Dominica and St Lucia whose streets at this time of year are filled with people, especially in madras outfits as they celebrate their creole heritage this month. Sa Ka Fet London's Jennifer Smart-Laurent is a great ambassador for the madras fabric and its possibilities for diasporic Caribbean peoples hoping and/or needing to connect to home. Her smile and energy light up the documentary and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the variation both of the fabric, its uses, and the parts of the Caribbean where it is worn are paired well with fabulous creations modelled by her friends and family who have equally been infected by her passion for the madras. Will Jennifer Smart-Laurent do for traditional Caribbean dress what Louise Bennett did for Caribbean language? I certainly hope so." Dr Kesewa John PhD

Please contact us to book this resource.

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