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Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Educational Experiences 


We are Cultural Fashion & Arts CIC, a community interest company that creates educational and celebratory cultural events, experiences and activities that celebrate diversity and bring communities together. 

Working primarily with UK-based community groups and organisations, we aim to create experiences that will benefit a wide range of culturally diverse UK residents from representative backgrounds. This includes people that have migrated to the UK and their descendants who may wish to explore, preserve, celebrate and share the beauty of their cultural heritage with others.


Our events and experiences include themed, representative and inclusive cultural fashion shows, pop-up marketplaces, talks, screenings, art exhibitions and so much more. 


Community Focussed 

Our Cultural Leads help us devise culturally and demographically relevant educational experiences, exhibitions and workshops for local communities related to cultural fashion and the arts. We deliver community projects in partnership with local community groups, schools and businesses.

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. 

Cultural Style Week 

We are the official community focussed event delivery partner for Cultural Style Week, an annual event that encourages people across the world to celebrate their cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty.

The week kicks off on 21 May which is the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a day which recognises the important contributions that different cultures make to global development and harmony.  From 21-27 May, people from all over the world are encouraged to participate and take part wherever they are by proudly wearing their cultural styles and sharing their pictures online with the tag #culturalstyleweek


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