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Event Volunteers

Our events feature diverse cultural fashion shows, pop-up markets, talks, screenings, art exhibitions, and more. As the official UK partner for Cultural Style Week, we organise global events celebrating cultural heritage through fashion.

Join our team for Cultural Style Week 2024! Volunteer to contribute, gain experience, and develop skills.

Pending events:

Cultural Style Week London Expo - London - Saturday 18 May

Cultural Style Week Sheffield Launch Event  - Meadowhall Sheffield - Friday 24 May 

Cultural Style Week Closing Party - London - Sunday 26 May 

Cultural Fashion & Arts champions discovering, learning, celebrating, and honouring our unique and beautiful cultures. 

Volunteering with us offers a range of benefits, from personal growth and skill development to making a positive impact in your community and beyond.

  • Meaningful Contribution: Celebrate and honor cultural diversity through fashion and arts.

  • Skill Development: Gain experience in event planning, marketing, and logistics.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals who value cultural appreciation.

  • Personal Growth: Expand your horizons through immersive cultural experiences.

  • Networking Opportunities: Build connections within the cultural and arts community.

  • Positive Impact: Promote inclusivity, diversity, and cultural awareness in your community.

  • Enjoyment and Fulfilment: Be part of exciting events celebrating cultural heritage.

  • Resume Enhancement: Add volunteer experience demonstrating your commitment to social causes.

  • Contribution to Global Celebration: Play a role in celebrating cultural heritage worldwide.

  • Personal Satisfaction: Know that your efforts create memorable cultural experiences for others.

Join us in celebrating cultural diversity and making Cultural Style Week 2024 a success!

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