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Cultural Style Week In Sheffield: Launch Success

Cultural Style Week officially made its mark in Sheffield in South Yorkshire with a spectacular launch event and fashion show hosted by Meadowhall Centre on Friday 24 May.

In partnership with Welcoming Cultures, the event  was a spectacular celebration of Sheffield's cultural diversity through fashion and expressive art. 

Hosted by the charismatic Arzu Dutta, the event drew a large crowd eager to experience the impressive lineup of performances and fashion showcases by talented designers, performers and cultural educators with models supplied by Lewin Arundell Models.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Jayne Dunn the Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Sheffield, setting the stage for an energetic opening dance performance by the Sheffield School of Bollywood Dance, led by Shaz Khan.

Their lively routine set the tone for an exciting evening.

Cultural Style Week Namibian brand Ambassador Jorokee Kamuvete showcased Namibian fashion with an educational twist through her brand Joree Art Dreams.

The designs celebrate Ovaherero cultural heritage and traditions. The dress, called ohorokva is a vibrant, long, colourful dress worn with layers of fabric petticoats. It includes Ovaherero headgear called otjikaiva.

Valentina's Collective Arts by Pareesha Valentina followed with a collection titled ‘Our Caribbean Bliss’ which featured stunning carnival costumes, bringing a burst of colour and festivity to the stage.

Terezia Rostas showcased the timeless elegance of traditional Roma attire with her "Gabor" collection. 

Owning a personal collection of over 400 traditional Roma costumes made by her mother and aunties, Rostas reinterprets and reconditions these pieces to celebrate and preserve Roma heritage.

Loly by Zita Moldovan, highlighted Roma fashion with her collection, combining traditional elements with contemporary designs with each piece telling a story of heritage and pride.

Husband and wife duo Sakina and Babak from the Azerbaijan Dance & Music Group captivated the audience with a live Azerbaijani instrumental and dance performance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

Following the dance, Sakina presented an educational fashion showcase, presenting traditional Azerbaijani attire and its cultural significance. 

Cultural Style Week brand ambassador Jennifer Laurent-Smart, presented vibrant designs from her fashion brand Sakafet London featuring modern and traditional garments that highlighted the cultural heritage of Dominica.

L-R: Candy Ellie Graham and Jennifer-Laurent Smart

Terezia Rostas returned to the stage for an engaging  showcase by Welcoming Cultures UK.

The segment featuring business and community leaders Olivier Tsemo of SADACCA, Kelvin Quick of China Red Restaurant and others, leading by example through taking part in the event. 

Cultural Style Week Brand Ambassador for Romania, Alexandra Maria proudly represented her Romanian heritage, honouring her family’s longstanding tradition of crafting Romanian folk costumes.

The outfits showcased were from her personal collection and included garments passed down from her grandmother. 

Gloria "Oge" Igbokwe of Cliffmaris Couture closed the fashion segments with a stunning showcase of Nigerian fashion, bringing a touch of elegance and cultural richness to the stage. 

The event concluded with closing remarks by Alexis Krachai, president of the Sheffield Chamber Of Commerce who welcomed the team to the stage before our amazing host Arzu gave the closing address, inviting attendees to network, meet the designers, and enjoy the rest of the evening.

L-R: Thomas Dunn, Jayne Dunn Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Candy Ellie Graham, Pavel Diaz

The Cultural Style Week Sheffield event was a resounding success, celebrating cultural heritage and fashion in a vibrant and engaging manner. The diverse performances and fashion showcases left a lasting impression on attendees, highlighting the beauty and richness of global cultures.

L-R: Rosamaria K Cisneros, Terezia Rostas
L-R: Diana Buckley, Candy Ellie Graham, Jayne Dunn Lord Mayor of Sheffield

Speaking of the event, Diana Buckley, Director of Economy, Skills and Culture for Sheffield City Council said “This was a fantastic evening at Meadowhall for Cultural Style Week with Terezia Rostas (of Welcoming Cultures) and Candy Ellie Graham (of Cultural Style Week). Credit to you both for the vibrant celebration of culture through fashion, arts, music and dance. It was especially fun as I got to take my children to enjoy the event.”

I have been backstage for most of the event but was delighted to see the smiles and engaged expressions from the audience as the show commenced. I am very grateful to the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for supporting this with Sheffield City Council. I also want to extend my gratitude to our runway producer Pavel Diaz and the team at Meadowhall centre including Maddison Cooper, Paul Renolds and Ashlyn Miller for being very supportive throughout and providing an excellent venue and production services via Limelight productions. Their support has been invaluable".  Candy-Ellie Graham, Cultural Style Week Founder

L-R: Madison Cooper, Candy-Ellie Graham, Paul Renolds

The celebration of culture continues! 

Mark your calendars for another significant event on Saturday 22 June at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield.  Welcoming Cultures in collaboration with the ‘Migration Matters Festival’ will be hosting a day of cultural celebrations, information stalls and activities. This event is free and suitable for the whole family and also coincides with and celebrates Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month and Refugee Week. For more information please connect with Welcoming Cultures via their social media channels.



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