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Meet Our Cultural Lead for Uzbekistan Kamila Erkaboyeva

We are super happy to introduce our newest cultural lead, Kamila Erkaboyeva, who represents Uzbekistan. We look forward to seeing her take on the lively, colourful style of her Uzbek cultural heritage.

Uzbekistan is the most populous country of Central Asia and occupies a cultural intersection that has been thousands of years in the making. Its history is closely connected with the Silk Road that linked Asia to Europe and dominated the culture of the region. From this location at the intersection of rich trade, Uzbekistan absorbed influences from Persian, Greek, Turkic and Russian neighbours. Uzbek culture is characterised by a rich literary heritage, unique musical traditions and graceful dance styles. It is known for master craftsmen, particularly in the form of miniatures.

Kamila’s roots are from the Fergana Valley, a region known for its natural splendour and a large variety of folk crafts, including embroidery, silk weaving, ceramics, wood carving and jewellery design. Growing up, she inherited the fused cultures of her Uzbek father and Russian mother. Everything changed for her, when her family immigrated to London, where she soon learnt to blend in with the youth of her adopted homeland. Upon arrival, very few opportunities existed to engage with her culture, and she felt the loss of her cultural heritage, particularly on family trips back to Uzbekistan.

In London, she studied Interior Architecture, but when personal adversaries struck, she drew strength from her culture and her passion for art. With her father’s encouragement, Kamila had learnt to express herself artistically from childhood. She founded her brand ‘Arty Numpty’, simple, elegant, yet quirky, with a clever and sophisticated use of colour. She often includes red - a colour that symbolises well-being in Uzbekistan and for themes she draws on both, her personal experiences and her heritage. Her art became a bridge between herself and her culture.

We admire Kamila’s resilience, positivity and creativity, and we believe that all of these qualities will make her an inspiring and worthy cultural role-model and we look forward to working with her.

“A tree does not grow without its roots” - Kamila Erkaboyeva.


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