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Register For The 'My Cultural Style Children's Fashion Show'  

The 'My Cultural Style Children’s Fashion Show' is coming to North London and you can take part!

Cultural Style Week 2023 is nearly here and we are proud to announce our children's fashion show and fundraiser event for Refugee Action and Refugee Education UK, as part of the week's activities.

For the ‘My Cultural Style Children's Fashion Show’ we will use cultural fashion as a platform for engaging through diversity, but this time with a special focus on the youth. Our young participants will take to the runway, sharing cultural clothing and talking about what it means to them. There will also be cultural dance performances, spoken word and more!

100% of all profits from this event will go to Cultural Style Week 2023, charity beneficiaries Refugee Action and Refugee Education UK who do great work to help displaced people.

The event promises to be a highlight of Cultural Style Week 2023. Please review the information below and then complete the form. The form must be completed by an adult. 

  • To take part, children need to be between four and sixteen years of age and resident in London.

  • Participating children must have their own cultural clothing and be accompanied by an adult.

  • Adults can accompany children down the runway and families can take part together. 

  • You are also welcome to perform a cultural dance or other activity. 

  • There is a voluntary £20 registration fee per family (or child) who wish to take part. This also admits two adults and up to two additional children. 

Date: Saturday 27 May 

Time: 11.30am (must arrive by 10am) 

Location: Green Rooms, 13-27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, 

N22 6UW

This is an official Cultural Style Week 2023 event. 

For general event tickets click here.

Registration Form 

Contact information of parent or guardian  

Participant information 

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  • Terms:

  • We do not provide payment for participation.

  • There is a voluntary £20 registration fee per family (or child) who wish to take part.

  • You must be able to provide/source your own outfit and styling. 

Thank you, we will get back to you.

Walk the runway form
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