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Cultural Style Week is Coming to Sheffield!

Updated: Apr 16

In partnership with Welcoming Cultures we are absolutely delighted to announce exciting launch activities for Cultural Style Week in Sheffield, South Yorkshire! 

Cultural Style Week empowers people to celebrate their heritage through fashion, inviting global participation annually from May 21. Coinciding with the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity, participants showcase their cultural attire online using #CulturalStyleWeek. Following the success of its debut near London's Royal Exchange in 2022, the event expanded in 2023, featuring fashion shows, shopping events, and cultural nights in London, and new launch events in Leeds, Cape Town, and The Hague.

Cultural Style Week is coming to Sheffield with a spectacular launch event and exhibition set to take place in the region's favourite shopping destination Meadowhall, one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. 

Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England is a multicultural and diverse city that proudly welcomes people from all backgrounds and from every part of the world. 

We are delighted to be working with Welcoming Cultures based in Sheffield, who expertly bring together communities, institutions and businesses to celebrate heritage, culture and diversity. Meadowhall Shopping Centre stands as our gracious host, embodying inclusivity and diversity through their support. 

Mark your calendars and save the date! 

You're invited to join us for a dynamic celebration of culture and it's expression through fashion! Dive into the excitement with our family-friendly, free-entry activities and events. Read on to discover more!

Celebrating Diversity Through Fashion & Art! 

Across the month of May and into Refugee month in June, a vibrant exhibition in the heart of Meadowhall Shopping Centre will be a visual celebration of cultural pride and its expression through fashion and personal style. Expertly curated by Terezia Rostas, a renowned Roma educational and cultural consultant, Candy-Ellie Graham-founder of Cultural Style Week, this multifaceted display will also share the inspiring stories of the local participants celebrating not only their profound appreciation for both traditional and contemporary attire but also underscores the collective responsibility we all share in preserving and cherishing the rich cultural tapestry handed down through generations.

Culture Meets The Runway! 

The Cultural Style Week fashion show on Friday 24 May will celebrate the city's cultural diversity and mark the official launch activity for Cultural Style Week in Sheffield. The showcase will include local entertainment, guest appearances and culturally inspired fashion showcases from local talent and beyond.

Calling All Creatives!

Designers, performers, models, and creatives, this is your moment to shine! Showcase your cultural-inspired creations, share your heritage through performance, or grace the runway with your presence. Sign up now to be part of the festivities!

Please click here to sign up!

This event has been made possible due to support from Sheffield City Council, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield Chambers of Commerce, SYMCA and Sheffield Museums. All activities are being delivered in partnership with Welcoming Cultures.

Welcoming Cultures UK is a Sheffield initiative that expanded at national level increasing the visibility of all cultures. It fosters community cohesion by reconnecting businesses and institutions with local communities, creating opportunities to celebrate diverse cultures together. 



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