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Cultural Style Week Showcases Uzbek, Uyghur, and Azerbaijani Cultures at EID in The Square 2024

Amidst the iconic backdrop of London's Trafalgar Square, EID in The Square 2024 was a visual spectacle of culture and celebration, made even more special by a spectacular Cultural Style Week showcase hosted by Kamila Erkaboyeva.

Now in its 19th year, the Mayor of London’s free, annual festival drew in over 18,000 guests to celebrate the end of Ramadan. We were honoured to be part of an exhilarating lineup of amazing acts on the main stage, with a captivating fusion of fashion, music, and dance, showcasing the beauty of Uzbek, Uyghur, and Azerbaijani cultures expertly curated and hosted by Kamila Erkaboyeva.

A Visual Representation of Cultural Diversity!

As the sun bathed Trafalgar Square in golden light, the stage came alive with a visible representation of London's diversity. Accompanied by Cultural Style Week participants Robert Phillips, Marcus Monrose , Shabbir Mellick, Helen Morta, and Alexandra Maria, Candy, the visionary behind this international movement, set the stage with a brief introduction, paving the way for Kamila, our Uzbek Cultural Lead, to take the spotlight.

Dressed in resplendent Uzbek attire, Kamila captivated the audience with tales of her upbringing as a third culture kid in London and her profound connection to her Uzbek roots.

A Melodic Journey Through Tradition

Highly talented Uzbek musicians Khurshidbek Ubaydullaev, Dostonjon Mirzokarimov, and Shokhrukh Khalilov transported spectators on a melodic journey through Uzbek and Uyghur traditions.

The enchanting strains of the 'doyra' and 'ney' resonated through the square, accompanied by the graceful movements of Uyghur dancers Hayrigul Saba and her daughter Sayide. Together, they wove a tapestry of cultural unity, embodying the shared heritage of "brother nations."

Azerbaijani Elegance Takes Center Stage

But the celebration didn't end there. Kamila seamlessly transitioned to the elegance of Azerbaijani culture, introducing a mesmerizing folk dancer Sakina Mukhtarli.

With each step, she breathed life into the ancient rhythms of Azerbaijani folklore, her movements echoing stories of resilience and tradition. Her performance was a testament to the enduring beauty of Azerbaijani heritage.

The Celebration Continues

As the echoes of Eid in The Square 2024 fade away, the spirit of celebration and unity lives on. We invite everyone to continue the journey of cultural exploration and expression by participating in Cultural Style Week.

From 21-27 May, embrace your heritage through fashion and personal expression, becoming the representation you seek and sharing the beauty of your culture with the world. Additionally, mark your calendars for the London Expo on Saturday 18 May, a free event offering culturally diverse fashion shows, shopping, entertainment, and more.

Let us carry the spirit of diversity and unity forward, celebrating the richness of our cultural tapestry together.



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