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London’s Children Walk The Runway For Cultural Style Week 2023

The 'My Cultural Style Children's Fashion Show' was a vibrant celebration of London's diversity during Cultural Style Week 2023!

As one of the world’s most diverse cities in the world, London's residents speak more than 300 different languages and originate from all over the world. This profusion of cultures is part of what makes the city so vibrant and we were so excited to open the runway to London’s younger generation for the first Cultural Style Week children’s fashion show.

The charity fundraising fashion event which also included cultural dance performances, was hosted by Dominican brand ambassador Jennifer Laurent-Smart who infused each segment of the show with her warmth and natural charisma.

Children from all over London took pride in sharing their cultural clothing and what it meant to them.

The opening dance performance came from the mother and daughter duo, Sreeparna and Prapti Debsarkar. Mrs Sreeparna Debsarkar is an experienced choreographer of classic Bengali dance. On this occasion, they delighted guests with their expressive performance.

Fresh from the amazing Cultural Style Week launch event in the Netherlands, Indonesian brand ambassador Nova Marseline partnered with Rahmida Dewi to perform a traditional Balinese dance.

The two dancers engaged the children to join in and they loved it. Guests were dazzled by the opulent beauty of their costumes and the grace of their movements.

The talented E Squad from Brixton in South London electrified everyone with their energetic dance moves.

With an age range from seven to seventeen, they moved rapidly through a variety of music genres.

The final performance came from Ohana dance group who gave a lively display of Polynesian dance with audience participation.

“The children's show was most certainly a highlight of Cultural Style Week 2023. We were delighted to see so much joy on the faces of all of the young participants. There was plenty of charm, dimples and the most adorable smiles. Their poise, confidence and pride in their cultural heritage was absolutely amazing.” - Candy-Ellie Graham, Cultural Style Week founder

Thank you to Aleksandra Volkova and UA in UK for their hard work and support. UA in the UK provides Ukrainians with experience in the beauty and fashion sector a supporting platform for networking and pooling their talents. And thank you very much to everyone else who attended, supported and took part.



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