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Please Support Our Crowdfunder Campaign

Our docu-film titled 'The Story Behind My Caribbean Cultural Style' is currently in production and we need your help to complete it!

In the docu-film, our Cultural Lead and Cultural Style Week star, Jennifer Laurent-Smart, takes us on a fascinating journey into her passion for Dominican national dress and details the history behind Caribbean Madras clothing.

Featuring archive footage and additional interviewees, the documentary will also explore the origin of Creole Caribbean traditional Madras clothing, its links to India, Africa, slavery and its use today.

The docu-film will be an educational and inspirational resource for the Caribbean diaspora and beyond and we need your support! Read on to find out how you can support us.

Make A Donation

You can support us by making a donation through our Crowdfunder page. No amount is too small and a little can go a long way! To make a donation please click here.

Buy A Premiere Ticket

If you can attend the London premiere event on 27 October, please show your support by buying a ticket! We will love to see you there. To buy a ticket please click here

Share Our Crowdfunder Campaign Link

We understand that these are hard times for many people, so if you are unable to purchase a ticket or make a donation, please share the link to our Crowdfunder campaign and help raise awareness.

Thank you for your support!



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